In each area of the house, the tables Pietracolata not only make the spaces most efficient, but also add personality to the environment. For this we have thought of different solutions for shapes, sizes and combinations of materials, enriching your home with style. To accommodate your guests and prepare rich tables, there is nothing better than an elegant space and flawless functionality. With which materials do you want to complete your Pietracolata table?


Linearity and creative chaos: quintessence of the perfect balance that is condensed in this table, which tells the story of the island from which it comes and has furrows and signs.

And, almost like they were carved on the lava stone, it tells of ideal conquests, synthesized in perpendicular and broken lines that embrace and clash.

Our surfaces are precious and unique.
For the quality of the materials used, but especially because each piece will have its own color nuance. Silk-screened lava stone top, coverings and tables that associate stone to exclusive natural materials.

Choose the Pietracolata that best fits the style of your home.

You will be able to customize the surfaces, sending us your favorite pattern.

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