Pietracolata was born from a dream made in Sicily: to transform the shape of a lava flow of Mount Etna, in a substance of design. A solid magic that arises from the fine workmanship of the Sicilian lava. A precious and pure object as the casted gold, enhanced by screen printing or exclusive materials and always different shades. Pietracolata is unique in every new production. As the freedom to create a thought on the matter.


When our idea of perfection was born?

In 2013 an entrepreneur and an architect, fascinated by the idea to shape and customize the lava stone, had a dream: to capture the potentialities of this precious product. By putting together the technique and the artistic talent, they strongly believed in an ambitious project: to merge surfaces and volumes of magma. Shape the lava rock, silkscreened or combined with materials of different weight and composition. They converted the dream to matter. Pietracolata, indeed. A concrete and refined way of living, to be experienced every day at home.



You read that right: LAVA and not “love.” The reason is that Pietracolata is synonymous with sought projects that come from our love for Sicily and its mount Etna.

Here the substance becomes shape thanks to the skill of our craftsmen, our inexhaustible stylistic innovation and continuous research as a key value of contemporary living.

Decorations and inspirations that tell a story


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